Using Tuning Forks to Check a Police Radar

Police radar units can be verified for accuracy by utilizing a “tuning fork”. The radar is not actually “tuned” but simply verified as being accurate by the use of the tuning fork. The word “tuning” comes from the fact that the same type of forks are used to “tune” musical instruments. The tuning fork is […]

Ask an Officer About Radar

This information was written by a Police Officer from the “Ask-a Cop” website. Radar Myths and Realities There are many, many myths and misconceptions floating around out there about RADAR (RAdio Detection And Ranging) and LASER (LIDAR or LIght Detection And Ranging) units and how they operate. As a certified RADAR/LIDAR instructor, I can tell […]

Background of Police Radar by NHTSA

U.S. Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (Background Discussion) Issue: The use of police traffic radar has become widespread throughout the United States and, until recently, was widely accepted by the courts and the general public as a reliable and accurate means of measuring vehicle speeds. However, recent technological advances, especially the development […]

Are Your Radar Units Truly Certified?

Calibration, by definition, requires adjusting a radar unit to meet a manufacturer’s set of specifications on frequency and power of the microwave and setting levels in the amplifier and display circuitry. Proper calibration will result in the greatest possible performance of a radar unit. Also it will provide documentation in court that the radar meets […]

Common Errors Encountered in Operating Police Radar

These are common errors encountered in operating Police radar. The Texas Department of Public Safety produced a comprehensive manual based on the Federal tests. It cautions operators, “…the radar does not generate ‘false’ readings. Anytime a reading appears, the radar has sensed a signal. The radar operator must be familiar with situations that can produce […]

Cancer and Radar

Human Exposure to Radio-Frequency Fields from Police Radars As Approved by the IEEE United States Activities Board May 1992 ************************************* We recognize public concern about the safety of exposure to electromagnetic fields. Recent allegations in the media link cancer with exposure to police radars, one of the lowest power microwave systems in our modern society […]

Ghost Readings and Elimination of Radar Effect

Radar’s Interaction with Its Environment The trained radar operator has to view the operation of his unit in the context of the total environment. Unfortunately, that environment includes both electrical and mechanical sources of Interference with the radar unit’s operation. Radar reads the speed at which objects move, and in a traffic environment we find […]

Filing an FCC License for Radar Use

Part 90 Radar Licensing instructions Log onto License Manager using FRN & Password. You will need to create an FRN and password if you do not have one. On the left hand side choose apply for a new license. Click down arrow and select radio service code (RS). Click Continue. APPLICATION INFO: Complete Application […]

Radar Jammers

This is a good article about radar jammers that we found on the web. Radar Jammer Test We test the latest in radar and laser countermeasures. There’s no denying the allure of a gadget able to make police radar or laser guns dummy up. Place the countermeasure in your vehicle, and, with an electronic shield […]

Theory & Operation of Police Radar

The following is an explanation of Police Radar. It explains Police radar and it’s operation and theory – from the h2g2 web site run by the BBC. You’re driving down the highway, and you’re passed by a little red sports car. Two miles down the road, you see blue lights on a car parked just […]