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Using Tuning Forks to Check a Police Radar

A logo for decatur electronics, which is authorized to provide the same service as its factory.Police radar units can be verified for accuracy by utilizing a “tuning fork”. The radar is not actually “tuned” but simply verified as being accurate by the use of the tuning fork. The word “tuning” comes from the fact that the same type of forks are used to “tune” musical instruments. The tuning fork is made out of aluminum, and it’s length and shape is designed to vibrate at a set frequency each time it is struck. Continue reading “Using Tuning Forks to Check a Police Radar”

Background of Police Radar by NHTSA

U.S. Department of Transportation

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

(Background Discussion)

Issue: The use of police traffic radar has become widespread throughout the United States and, until recently, was widely accepted by the courts and the general public as a reliable and accurate means of measuring vehicle speeds. However, recent technological advances, especially the development of “moving radar,” have altered the basic concepts initially accepted by the courts. Continue reading “Background of Police Radar by NHTSA”

Cancer and Radar

Human Exposure to Radio-Frequency Fields from Police Radars

As Approved by the IEEE United States Activities Board
May 1992


We recognize public concern about the safety of exposure to electromagnetic fields. Recent allegations in the media link cancer with exposure to police radars, one of the lowest power microwave systems in our modern society — typically between 10 and 100 milliwatts. Continue reading “Cancer and Radar”