Decatur Scout


K-Band Stationary Only Direction Sensing Handheld Police Radar. With set of AA disposable batteries, tuning fork, certification, hard shell foam lined carry case, refurbished with 1 year warranty.

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Stationary Direction Sensing Handheld Battery  operated Police Radar.

The Decatur Scout gives the operator the option to easily select and focus on vehicles going away from or coming toward him/her from a single, stationary patrol position. Unlike previous handguns, the operator can selectively monitor traffic coming toward, moving away, or both directions simultaneously!  When in “directional” mode, vehicles moving toward you are indicated with a “t,” vehicles moving away from you with an “A.” Directionality dramatically enhances the target selection process. If the radar is set to “towards” mode, it will only track vehicles coming towards the radar. All vehicles going “away” are ignored!! In heavy traffic situations, the operator can choose to make traffic moving in one direction “invisible” to the radar, thereby concentrating on the most problematic lane.

  • Battery  operated, disposable  AA cells
  • Directional Capability
  • Two 3-digit display windows and icon indicators with back light
  • 5 button rubber keypad with back light
  • Non-locking trigger switch
  • Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), Low Voltage, & Error Condition Detectors
  • Adjustable Audio/Squelch and Sensitivity control
  • Back Light control
  • Track Through Lock
  • Speed Units: MPH
  • Standard Speed Range, 5-200 MPH

To track the faster target, just press the FAST button. For years radar guns could display only the speed of the vehicle returning the strongest signal. Now the Decatur Scout lets you track and lock the speed of the vehicle with the strongest signal return or the speed of the faster moving vehicle.

With  disposable batteries tuning fork, certification, hard shell foam lined carry case, refurbished with 1 year warranty.

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K Band

Operating Modes

Stationary Only, Directional Capability, Fastest Feature



Unit of Speed



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