Eagle/Pro-1000DS Antenna Cable


Variable lengths are available from 4 feet to 20 feet. Please specify which length and connectors you need below.

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New Kustom Antenna Cable:

Eagle, Eagle Plus, Golden Eagle, Golden Eagle 2, Golden eagle 2 Directional, and Pro-1000DS antenna cables are all the same.

They come in several configurations. You can order any configuration and cable length here for the same price: $95.  The order will default to the 16 foot length, and the 2 black plastic connectors, which are the only connectors used in last 15 years.  All you have to do is choose a different length if you want.


If you need any of the older cables:

You’ll find descriptions of the 3 different connectors found on Eagle/Pro-1000DS Cables. Choose a cable length and connector types above to order.

Connector A – “Black Plastic – Female” This is a 6-pin black plastic female connector. See detailed picture in gallery above.
Connector B – “Black Plastic – Male” This is a 6-pin black plastic male connector. See detailed picture in gallery above.
Connector C – “Spin-ring” This is the 7-pin spin-ring connector. See detailed picture in gallery above.


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