Traffic Speed Trailer, Giant Speed Sign


Refurbished Decatur  Traffic Speed Sign.


Decatur Giant Display Traffic Speed Trailer

This is stock photo of our refurbished pre-owned trailer.  All you need to do is re-decal with your department logos

Call us at 502 543-7032 for actual photos of this trailer and discuss features etc…

Product Info for Decatur On-Site 350 Radar Speed Display Trailer with Speed Limit Sign

Decatur OnSite 350 Radar Trailer is a small, lightweight speed radar display with an attached Speed Limit sign that any patrol car can tow. This Decatur speed radar features a large LED display board that’s visible from a thousand feet down the road. Tow the Decatur On-Site 350 Speed Radar to almost any straight stretch of road, roll down the trailer’s jacks, swing up the radar display board and you’re ready to slow traffic. With easy deployment, a tough steel exterior and a price you can afford, the Decatur OS 350 Radar Display Board makes a great addition to your traffic enforcement arsenal. Decatur OnSite Speed Message Trailers gives you the options and features you need to keep the streets of your community safe, while freeing your officers to patrol elsewhere.

  • Power and Battery Options
    • Additional high capacity battery and charger

Specifications for Decatur On Site Traffic Radar Sign 350 Trailer:

Display size : 18″
Visibility: 1000 feet

Local Pickup only  40165

With certification, tuning fork, and 1 year warranty.


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