SVR 2 Decatur Handheld Surface Velocity Radar Gun


The SVR 2 is a hand-held surface velocity radar (SVR) gun specifically designed
to measure the surface velocity of water—great for use in streams and rivers.

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Decatur SVR 2   Surface Velocity Radar

Surface Velocity Radar for Accurate Water and Liquid Speed Measurement

Designed specifically to measure surface velocity speed of streams, canals, rivers and even pipelines the SVR 2 gives you precise speed measurement from a stationary position outside the body of water. The SVR is perfect tool for flood and waste water management applications. SWV provides easy and safe water and liquid flow measurement.

The SVR 2 is extremely valuable for measuring water surface velocity during high-velocity flows and flood conditions where using contact measurement instruments poses a risk to safety.



• Allows scientists to determine the surface velocity of water

• Includes cosine error correction, allowing the unit to compensate for vertical angles

• High and low speed selection

• Replaceable AA rechargeable batteries

• Accepts tripod mounting

• User friendly measurement and reading

• Simple, more usable 5 digit display

• Recall previous speed


Measurement Specifications
Minimum Velocity: 0.3 fps (0.3m/s)
Maximum Velocity: 30 fps (9.1m/s)
Measurement Accuracy: 5% of Reading
Factory Default Settings
Units: M/S (meters‐per-second)
Horizontal Cosine: 0°
Sensitivity: 10
Antenna Parameters
Type: K‐Band, IACP Type III
Nominal Transmission Frequency: 24.150Ghz
Nominal Horizontal Beam width: 12°
Polarization: Circular
Nominal Microwave Power Outpu:t 7mW
Maximum Aperture Power Density: <1mW/cm2
Ambient Temperatures: ‐22°F to +158°F, ‐30°C to +70°C
Maximum Humidity: 90% relative humidity at 99°F (37°C) non‐condensing
Water resistance meets International Robustness Standard IEC 529:1989 and European Community Standard EN 60529
Supply Voltage Range: 8.5VDC – 16.5VDC
Power Supply Frequency: Replaceable NiMH batteries
Low Voltage Threshold: 6.1VDC (battery) 8.5VDC (cord)
Power Consumption
Standby: 0.105A
Antenna ON no target displayed: 0.170A
Antenna ON anything displayed: 0.172A
Antenna OFF segment check “888”: 0.116A
Antenna ON segment check “888”: 0.180A


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