The Stalker RLR LIDAR has outstanding performance and features. Uses the popular cordless battery  configuration. Refurbished with new carry case, rechargeable battery, certification, operators manual, refurbished with 90 day warranty.

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The Stalker RLR LIDAR has outstanding performance and features. It is available with the popular cordless battery handle configuration.

Heads Up Display With Speed & Range

The Stalker RLR Lidar was designed to be the smallest and lightest hand-held gun-type laser, but with no reduction in performance over larger, bulkier lidar units.

1/3-second target acquisition time. It has a removable high-capacity, Li-Ion battery handle and an ergonomic, water-resistant design. It displays both speed and distance in its heads-up display.

With a 4000’+ (1.2 km+) handheld range for inbound targets and an over 9,500’ (2.9 km+) range on outbound targets, the RLR goes to great lengths to deliver fast, accurate results from just about any position.

Refurbished with new carry case, corded handle, certification, operators manual, refurbished with 90 day warranty.

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Corded Version, Cordless Version w/AC Charger


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